A Tremendously Successful Performance with over £12,500 raised!

A dazzling night of magnificent talent, a riotous rainbow of colour, a show touching many hearts and an event to remember. Our Rosies Rainbow Charity Gala concert was the best ever.

"I am beyond delighted and proud to announce that we raised in excess of £12,500 at our Rosie's Rainbow Fund Charity Gala at the Wycombe Swan. We are truly indebted to every single one of you who performed, helped or came to watch our show. I think Rosie would be so proud. Thank you all."

~ Carolyn xxx

Our picture (left) shows Lucy Benjamin with one of the families we support. Little Sam met Lucy last year during one of her hospital visits at Oxford. They came along to watch the show and we were thrilled to see them all.

The photo on the right with Samantha Bennett (left), mother of Otis, took the mic and spoke movingly to the audience about the difference Rosie's charity makes to her and her little boy during his frequent hospital stays. Lucy Benjamin drew the raffle with Samantha.

The strength of these families cannot adequately be described.

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