Rosie The Unknown Soldier

Rosie as Ariadne Wetherby in The Unknown Soldier

Rosie, age five, was cast as Ariadne Wetherby in the major ITV series The Unknown Soldier.

Ariadne was the Unknown Soldier's daughter.

She was having a lovely time filming a big outdoor scene on location in the grounds of a beautiful country house near Oxford.

In the scene she was surrounded by extras playing soldiers desperately injured in the First World War.

They were all real amputees many of whom had lost arms and legs in bike accidents etc.

Rosie, between scenes, struck up a conversation with one very friendly extra who was lying very still on a stretcher on the grass.

Mid conversation she suddenly asked, "Why don't you get up?"

He replied, "I can't, I've only got one leg."

Rosie's reply was a simple: "Well, why don't you hop?"

This was such a "Rosie" moment.

She was so forthright and the answer to her was so obvious.

She wasn't being rude, it was just plain common sense--and he thought it was thoroughly amusing!

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