Remembering Rosie, 14 Years On

The 14th of May will always be a difficult one here at Rosie's Rainbow Fund, as it marks another year since Rosie Mayling left us here on earth at the far-too-young age of 11 years. 14 years later, we still miss Rosie's laughter, her mischievous spirit, her tenacity, her feistiness, and the care and concern she felt for others. When Rosie set her mind to something, there was nothing she couldn't accomplish. We miss her humour, her determination, and her creativity. And yet, we are not truly without Rosie. She makes her presence known in a multitude of ways, most noticeably in the frequent rainbow signs she sends us. Whether it is her big sister's wedding day or a particularly important moment for her charity, we can almost always count on a rainbow from Rosie arcing across the sky. As in life, Rosie shows great persistence and ingenuity when she wants to send a message--she's been known to direct a rainbow straight to the doorway of someone she thinks ought to join the Rosie's Rainbow Fund family! And of course, we feel Rosie's presence in the work that we do in her name--with every child who finds relief from pain after massage therapy or a lessening of anxiety after music therapy, we can sense Rosie smiling with pleasure at seeing her long-ago wish to help poorly children having become a reality.

And so, today, we continue to miss our Rosie, as we have every day for the past 14 years. But we also celebrate the indomitable spirit that has not left us, which guides us, teaches us, rejoices with us, and comforts us. That spirit is at the heart of all we do at Rosie's Rainbow Fund--and today, we invite all of our friends, our family, and our supporters to join us in celebrating Rosie's spirit, in celebrating our Rosie 💕🌈 xx

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