In Honour of Ella

Today is a very special day for the Rosie's Rainbow Fund family, as it marks what would have been the 18th birthday of a little girl dear to all of our hearts, Ella Czornyj. The daughter of our trustee Helene Czornyj, Ella was also Rosie's good friend--and it was Ella's need for a specialised wheelchair that inspired Rosie to write and put on a musical as a means to raise funds for Ella's chair. This was where the early seeds for what would become Rosie's Rainbow Fund were first sown--and it is through Helene's own experiences as the mum of a child with special needs that our charity's services and supports for special-needs children evolved.

In 2008, at the age of 9, Ella joined the angels, and not a single day goes by that she is not thought of and missed. But this beautiful little girl, with her bright smile and stunning, expressive blue eyes, who loved music and concerts, who lit up when she was the centre of attention, who adored her doting big brothers, who loved dressing in her favourite colour--pink, and who brought joy to all who knew her--this beloved little girl is still with us, just like her friend Rosie, in all we do at Rosie's Rainbow Fund. Ella's name means "light," and a more fitting name for her we cannot imagine, because Ella is the light that inspires and informs our work with special-needs children. Together, these two little girls, Ella and Rosie--light and colour--inspire us every day to carry on that brightness and colour that they brought to our world, and to share it with the children and families Rosie's Rainbow Fund supports. Happy birthday, Ella--we miss you, we love you, and we feel your spirit with us helping us to bring a bit of your light, your magic, and your joy to other children like you 💕 xxx

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