Rosie's Mum Addresses Audience at Royal Albert Hall

Rosie's Rainbow Fund founder Carolyn Mayling (Rosie's mum) and trustee Bev Crook were honoured to have been invited by our wonderful friends at Global's Make Some Noise to attend Classic FM Live at Royal Albert Hall Tuesday evening (featuring performances by the brilliant Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Bournemouth Symphony Chorus and Tamsin Waley-Cohen), where Carolyn was also given the incredible opportunity to speak to the audience about Rosie and our charity. We cannot thank Global's Make Some Noise (especially Kara Hodgson) for this tremendous privilege, and we are so grateful to the lovely John Suchet and Margherita Taylor for their warmth and kindness, and for making Carolyn and Bev feel so welcome. This was an evening we will never forget--and we have no doubts whatsoever that Rosie is as chuffed as we are :-)

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