Rosie's Auntie Nicola Runs in Rosie's Memory

Someone very special is doing something big to support Rosie's Rainbow Fund--Rosie's Auntie Nicola Mayling is currently in training to run the Battersea Park 'Run in the Dark' 10k on 16th November in memory of her niece and to raise funds for Rosie's charity. Nicola says, "I'm running 10k at 'Run in the Dark' on the 16-Nov for Rosie's Rainbow Fund because of the great work this charity does for children. I am taking part in memory of my niece, Rosie Mayling, and in support of the charity she inspired. Rosie was clever, talented, kind, funny, mischievous, generous and exceptionally musical. Born into a musical family, Rosie had a love of all the performing arts. She was concerned with taking action when something needed to be done. At the age of 9 she wrote, directed and staged a musical to raise funds for a young friend with Rhett syndrome in need of a wheelchair. Rosie's motto was, 'don't just talk about it, do it!' In December 2002 Rosie became ill and was diagnosed with Vasculitis, a rare and devastating illness affecting the blood vessels. Sadly, when Rosie should have been enjoying her time as bridesmaid at my wedding to her Uncle Colin, she was suffering the effects of the condition and bravely battling through the invasive treatments. Rosie was discharged from hospital at the end of April 2003 but 6 days later suffered a fatal pulmonary haemorrhage, aged just 11. During her time at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford Rosie expressed a wish to raise money for the new children's hospital and to help other children undergoing lengthy hospital stays. It became increasingly apparent to Rosie how difficult, lonely and stressful it can be spending months in hospital and she told her Mum, Carolyn, that when she got better she wanted to do something to help. Though Rosie tragically did not live long enough to fulfill that desire, Rosie's Rainbow fund works hard to 'not just talk about it, do it' in her memory."

Please follow the link below to learn more about why Nicola is running, and how you can help her support our charity and help children in Rosie's memory.

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