Rosie's Rainbow Fund Meets Fight for George!

We had such an incredible day Friday last! We were paid a very special visit by a few people who are SO dear to our charity--3-year-old George Ferriman, dad Richard, big sister Isabelle, and little brother Henry. When George was diagnosed with AML, a rare form of leukaemia, his family launched Fight for George - a little boy's battle against cancer to raise awareness for George's condition as well as the importance of blood and bone marrow donation, to update supporters on the family's journey, and to raise funds and awareness for charities like Rosie's Rainbow Fund which supported George and his family. The Ferrimans have incredible strength and resilience, and we are thrilled to be able to say that today George's cancer is currently in remission. Equally amazing have been the efforts of the Ferrimans, the Fight for George campaign, and the support of the wider community--and as a result of these efforts the Ferrimans presented Rosie's Rainbow Fund with a cheque for an unbelievable £1700 on behalf of Fight for George! We are absolutely overwhelmed, and so grateful to the Ferrimans and everyone who has worked so hard to support Fight for George. Your caring is truly astounding, and we cannot thank you enough for allowing us to continue our work supporting children like George and families like the Ferrimans.

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