Redroofs Students Host Fight for George & Rosie's Rainbow Fund

We were so excited to have George Ferriman and his family visiting us (and to see George looking so well) that we wanted to mark the occasion with a special treat for the Ferrimans. Luckily for us, the fab Redroofs School for the Performing Arts students had just the thing--they kindly put on a private show for George and his family, as well as Rosie's Rainbow Fund guests including Founder Carolyn Mayling (Rosie's mum), Trustee Eloise Wadie (Rosie's big sister), Aromatherapy Massage Therapist Amanda Tibbels, and Grants Coordinator/Digital Development Officer Elizabeth Wirth, along with Rosie's Auntie Sam Keston and little niece Tabitha Wadie. We were delighted with their fabulous song and dance medley from "Billy Elliot," and so impressed with their brilliant performances. Following the show, the Redroofs students were kindly given a thank you gift of #FightforGeorge wristbands by George's dad Richard Ferriman, who also explained the vital necessity of blood and bone marrow donation. Thank you, Redroofians, and thank you Fight for George - a little boy's battle against cancer for a truly wonderful day! And special thanks to the terrific Leanne Molloy for all her assistance, as always :-)

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