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Click on the links below for further information on our invaluable team who work at centres and schools in the community, as well as at the following hospitals: The John Radcliffe, Royal Berks and Stoke Mandeville.  Watch our video to find out more about our patrons.

Therapeutic Staff

Andy Stevens

Music Therapist

Andy has now fully established music therapy on the children’s general ward and spinal injury ward of Stoke Mandeville Hospital. At the John Radcliffe Children’s Hospital, he continues making a huge difference in transforming the children’s otherwise monotonous days with entertaining music therapy sessions.Having previously been a music teacher and gigging musician, Andy gained an MA in music therapy and started clinical work in March 2010. He works with children and adults in a wide range of settings.

Amanda Tibbels

Aromatherapy Massage Therapist

Amanda is a Registered Nurse and Midwife who trained and qualified at the London teaching hospitals. She is married and the mother of two. Her nursing career took her to Switzerland where she became interested in alternative medicine. She later spent time in Indonesia and experienced the therapeutic touch of massage. Working as a Midwife and Practiced Nurse she specialised in the health of women, babies and children. She qualified in Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy and is a Certified Instructor of the International Association of Infant Massage. Amanda has been working with Rosie’s Rainbow Fund for over seven years and brings a unique combination of skills to her role of looking after parents. She continues to provide support and relaxation through Aromatherapy massage for parents with children staying at the John Radcliffe Children’s Hospital. Most recently Amanda has completed her Oncology Massage Practitioner Diploma and Certificate in Aromatherapy for Oncology from Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine, and has begun providing paediatric and infant therapeutic massage and positive touch therapy to seriously ill and special needs children and babies at the John Radcliffe Children's Hospital as well as guiding the children's parents in massaging and providing positive touch therapy to their own babies and children.

Jenni Thomas, OBE

Grief Support Therapist

Jenni is widely recognised in the UK as a leading authority in grief support and education. She has over 40 years experience working in the National Health Service (NHS) supporting grieving families and children. Since 1992, Jenni has worked in the charitable sector, founding and then running a national UK charity as well as working internationally. Currently, Jenni provides support and counselling for grieving families and children. She also offers supervision and training for a variety of professionals whose work brings them into contact with bereaved families. In addition, Jenni leads personal development workshops for individuals and groups. In Jenni’s role with Rosie’s Rainbow Fund, she offers support to parents who have experienced the death of a baby or child.

Karen Hutchinson

Music Therapist

Karen began work with Rosie’s Rainbow Fund in 2011, and works at The Royal Berkshire Hospital, providing music therapy. Following a Psychology degree she studied Music Therapy at the Roehampton Institute, and has worked with both children and adults over the past 16 years in schools and adult homes.

Celine Pearson

Music Therapist

Celine has worked as a community nurse for many years. She is a qualified counsellor and holds a Masters in Psychodynamic psychotherapy. 

Her gentle and kind demeanour and inner strength and empathy borne of her own personal experience as a bereaved mother ensure that those parents in her care feel well supported and cared for. 

Nicki Whitworth

Grief Support Therapist

Nicki Whitworth has been facilitating groups and working with individuals as a creative therapist for over 30 years.  She studied at the Institute of Group Analysis in group dynamics and holds a certificate in counselling skills from Birkbeck College, University of London.  She more recently trained at the national Child Bereavement UK charity in ‘Advanced Facilitation' Skills for Bereavement groups’, in ‘Traumatic Grief,’ and in 'The Impact of Suicide on Families’.  

Following the untimely death of her daughter Naomi Grace in 2005, Nicki  co-founded SLOW, a charity that supports bereaved parents and siblings. Nicki facilitates all the SLOW support groups and provides training on parental bereavement to charity and healthcare professionals.  As well as her work for SLOW she is an honorary member of the Child Death Helpline volunteer staff and provides bereavement support for grieving families at Rosie’s Rainbow Fund and Angus Lawson Memorial Trust.  Nicki is a mindfulness teacher and a member of the mindfulness practitioners network.  She is currently working alongside bereaved parents at Helen House Hospice Oxford , running workshops in 'Mindfulness for Grief' with a view to develop this interesting area of work.

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Beverly Crook

Beverly experienced the services of Rosie’s Rainbow Fund first hand when her daughter was in the John Radcliffe Children’s Hospital with a benign brain tumour. While sitting at her daughter’s bedside she witnessed first-hand the joy on the children’s faces as they took part in an inspirational music therapy session. She also benefitted from our therapeutic aromatherapy sessions for parents of very sick children in the hospital, which she describes as ‘a lifeline’. Beverly works hard on fundraising events and ensures that we thank our marvellous donors appropriately and frequently.

Helene Czornyj

Helene helped set up Rosie’s Rainbow Fund with her friend Carolyn – Rosie’s Mum–in 2003. Helene’s young daughter Ella was severely disabled and suffered from the neurological condition Rett Syndrome which affected all aspects of her short life as she was unable to walk, talk or do anything for herself and needed 24 hour care. All Rett children are different and Ella was a very happy content little girl who enjoyed being around her big brothers Christian and Ashley plus all her family and friends, watching everything with her ‘big telling blue eyes.’ She had additional complications of epilepsy and was constantly in and out of hospital with pneumonia all of which was very stressful for us as a family.  Before she became ill, Rosie had already helped Ella by co-writing and produced a musical to raise funds for special equipment Ella needed. This was the beginning of Rosie’s Rainbow Fund’s extensive work with special needs children providing specialised equipment for schools and hospitals.  Ella and her friends at Heritage House special needs school thoroughly enjoyed using the equipment creating their own sounds by the blink of their eye or a twitch of their hand giving them a sense of freedom. Sadly, Ella passed away in 2008 aged just 9 years old, but Helene and Carolyn continue to lead the way on event fundraising in memory of both their special girls.

Candice Eales

Candice has been a Trustee since the fund started in 2004. She is an Advanced Pilates Teacher and has been a member of the BCPA since 1998. Candice is the Director of Sports Pilates UK which brings Pilates into schools and clubs through sport and she is passionate about the well-being of children and young people. Alongside working with young athletes and sporting professionals, she lectures on the benefits of Pilates to various groups of healthcare professionals, sports clubs and at corporate training events. Candice also works tirelessly on fundraising events and is an active member of the organising committee for the annual Gala Ball.

Carolyn Mayling

Rosie's Mum

Carolyn is Rosie’s mum and the Founder and Chair of Trustees for Rosie’s Rainbow Fund. Following Rosie’s tragic death, Carolyn set up Rosie’s Rainbow Fund in her daughter’s memory in 2004. She has steered the charity, ensuring that whilst the fund evolves and grows it continues to honour and stay true to her daughter’s wish. Her first-hand experience of the difficulties and isolation of parents undergoing lengthy hospital stays enables her to fully understand the needs of parents and very sick children in hospital. Carolyn is also a Co-Director of Redroofs School for the Performing Arts and has forty years of teaching experience in training young artists, many of whom go on to successful professional careers on stage and screen. She continues to produce many large scale charity shows to raise funds and awareness of Rosie’s charity.

Eloise Wadie

Rosie's Sister

Eloise is Rosie’s big sister and Secretary to the management committee. She is a teacher at Redroofs School for the Performing Arts where she trains young people in singing, dancing and acting and she runs a very successful children’s party business. Eloise has excellent knowledge of digital marketing and social media and she uses these skills to great effect for Rosie’s Rainbow Fund.

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Lucy Benjamin

Lucy is an accomplished stage and television actress best known for her roles on EastEnders and Detectorists. A mother of two (including daughter Rosie, named for Rosie Mayling), Lucy recently recorded the audio version of the children's book The Sparkly Sleepy-Time Wand, proceeds from the sale of which support Rosie's Rainbow Fund.

'When I first heard of the tragic death of Rosie, I cannot explain how upset I was. I was nine when I first joined Redroofs Theatre School, and had no idea how important an influence it was going to be on my life. Right from the start I looked on both Carolyn and June, Rosie’s mother and grandmother as extended family, who over the years were nothing less than generous, caringand supportive through some very difficult times. My years with the school were some of the happiest times of my life, and when it was time to leave, I knew I would be leaving something very special behind.

When Carolyn asked me if I would like to be a patron of “Rosies Rainbow Fund” I didn’t have to think for a moment before saying yes. Rosie had an outstanding talent, and we all know what an important part of her life music was.

She planned, when better, to raise money for other sick children through putting on her own shows and performing her own songs. Although she was tragically never given this opportunity, we are now able to make part of her dream come true through supporting Rosie’s Rainbow Fund. Redroofs and everyone involved in it will always hold a very special place in my heart ,and being in a position to now give something back to the “family” who gave so much to me is indeed a great honour'

Joanne Froggatt

Joanne is a BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated and Golden Globe Award-winning stage, film, and television actress best known for her role as Anna Bates on the worldwide hit Downton Abbey. She is soon to be seen starring in the ITV miniseries Dark Angel and the forthcoming films Starfish, A Streetcat Named Bob, A Storm in the Stars, and One Last Thing. 

'I trained at Redroofs Theatre School where Rosie was a pupil. I think Rosie’s Rainbow Fund is an amazing and incredibly important charity. To be able to continue giving such a strong network of support to sick children and their families is something very special indeed and something Rosie would be unbelievably proud of'

Gina Murray

Gina trained at Redroofs Theatre School and has been a West End leading lady a total of six times, including appearing in Chicago, The Full Monty and Fame. She’s also starred in two feature films and played several TV roles, as well as having a successful voice-over career and being part of a group called Woman. She’s writing her own material now and is focusing on music at the moment.

'Rosie made a big impact on my life. I want to help her to continue to make a difference, by supporting her revolutionary Rainbow Fund. Rosie was an inspiration. I remember once she came to see the show I was in, up in London. I can still see that gorgeous little girl in my memory, waiting excitedly at the stage door, so thrilled to be around music and the theatre. I could see what the whole experience of  watching the show meant to her – and I know that later she wanted so much to pass that on to others who could benefit from it in the same way. This special gift is what Rosie’s amazing legacy has been able to give to so many others'

Mazz Murray

Mazz trained as a full time pupil at Redroofs Theatre School. She has starred in many West End shows, including nine years as the Killer Queen in London’s We Will Rock You and currently stars at Tanya in Mamma Mia. Other credits include Fame, Boogie Nights, Rent, Smokey Joe’s Cafe, Pippin, and many TV and film appearances. Mazz is currently a member of the band Woman.

‘I remember that during a rehearsal, I saw a perfect little girl running down the aisle at the Novello Theatre, singing at the top of her voice along with all of us on the stage. This was Rosie. She filled the room with her vibrance and her passion for music. Rosie’s Rainbow Fund now fills the room for others too. The fund has brought fun and love of music to so many. May the rhapsody built in her honour continue forever'

Adam Stafford

'In showbusiness we have always helped out with charities. I enjoy it because it’s a win win situation, I am helping others, and that makes me feel good. But of course things change when you have a personal connection.

It is a fact of life that tragedy or disaster can strike anywhere at any time to anyone. Of course we don’t go around anticipating these possible events or life would be pretty depressing, and besides there are so many amazing and wonderful and beautiful things in this world to make up for it!

The human ability to turn disaster into good is one of those amazing and magical things. So I was truly honoured to be asked by Rosie’s mum to become a patron of Rosie’s Rainbow Fund and help be part of that magic.

I knew Rosie and know that she would thoroughly approve of the activity and endeavour and fantastic help that she, through us and your support, are able to give to other families and children. This way we all win, most of all Rosie'

Jenni Thomas, OBE

Jenni Thomas has an OBE for her work on supporting bereaved parents and was founder of the Child Bereavement Trust. Jenni has over 45 years experience working in the NHS, listening to and learning from grieving families and children, and is widely recognised in the UK as a leading authority in grief support and education

Dr Ann Thomson

Rosie spent some weeks in hospital and knew that it could be both boring and frightening. Music therapy can provide enjoyment and relaxation and is diverting and enormously beneficial to children who have to be in hospital. I am a Consultant in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine and have worked in Oxford for over 20 years. Since we opened the Oxford Children’s Hospital in 2007 Rosie’s Rainbow Fund has really helped us to provide excellent all round care for children and relaxation for their families. With colleagues at Oxford University we are involved in investigating the causes of disease, novel ways of making measurements in children and investigating new treatments so that in future children need to spend the shortest possible time away from their families.

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Shirley Jones

Shirley has been a Paediatric Nurse for sixteen years and was part of the team that cared for Rosie Mayling and her family in hospital in 2003. Since then she has been working as a Community Children’s Nurse in Oxfordshire, providing nursing care and support to children and families in their homes. Shirley ran the Brighton Marathon 2013 in aid of Rosie’s Rainbow Fund. A former trustee for the charity, Shirley continues to support Rosie’s Rainbow Fund in a variety of ways.

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