Music in Schools

In addition to the music therapy sessions we offer in hospital, we also provide music classes for special-needs children within the community.


Rosie’s Rainbow Fund provides music classes at schools throughout the Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire communities.


Working with children who vary both in age as well as abilities, we utilises an assortment of musical instruments and props--wrist bells, for example, are easy for the children to handle and manipulate and allow them to join in and make music even with severely limited mobility, while items such as soft animal puppets permit the children to act out animal sounds.


We write songs, often creating customised lyrics and melodies to supplement lessons being taught in the classroom, which reinforce concepts and aid in the children’s learning and comprehension.


Through the use of instruments, rhythms, singing, custom lyrics and melodies, and props we are able to provide a safe, fun environment for the children to learn, communicate, interact, and work on speech and language development. 

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