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    We are proud to announce that our patron, Joanne Froggatt, is now officially a Golden Globe Award-winning actress for her role as Anna Bates on Downton Abbey!
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    Founder Carolyn Mayling (Rosie's Mum) receives Prime Ministers 'Point of Light' award 2nd December 2014.
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    Patron Lucy Benjamin enjoys a music therapy session with Andy at the Children's John Radcliffe Hospital.
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    Special visitor for the children on the hospital wards.
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    Rosie's Rainbow Fund choir entertain the children with therapist Andy.
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    Cuddles with Patron Lucy Benjamin at the Children's John Radcliffe Hospital.
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    An entertaining music therapy session with Andy.
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    Rainbow Day music session at the Children's John Radcliffe Hospital
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    Amusement in the playroom.
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    Music Group
    Children from PACE having an entertaining music session with Pauline.
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    2 girls music
    Rosies Rainbow Fund needs Your Help
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    Founder Carolyn Mayling with Patron Joanne Froggatt from Downton Abbey.
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    baby painting
    Oh what fun is had in the playroom at the John Radcliffe Children's Hospital.
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    ella music
    Ella using a soundbeam to create her very own music.
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    A jamming music session in the hospital playroom.
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    Having Fun at The Wycombe Swan Theatre raising Funds.
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    Patients enjoying Arts and Craft at the John Radcliffe Hospital.
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    Special Needs children using Soundbeds to create their own original music.
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    Rosie's Rainbow bench
    Enjoying a quiet moment on the Rosie’s Rainbow Fund Bench.

Fundraise & Support Us

Our fantastic supporters carry out marathons, skydives and cycle rides for us. We are extremely grateful for this support which enables us to carry out our work and extend assistance to the families that require it. If you would like to participate in an event for us, please drop us an email. We work with a range of companies and organisations to provide this service – whether it is the London to Paris, the London to Brighton, the Brighton Marathon, the Reading Half-Marathon, or a bungee jump or skydive event we will be very happy to help with the arrangements.

Sponsorship Forms

If you are holding a sponsored event for Rosie’s Rainbow Fund, our sponsorship form is available here.

Do Something Different!

Rosie’s Rainbow Fund has signed up with Global Adventure Challenges to offer some exciting trips for 2012 and beyond. These are not all strenuous – they are for different fitness levels with Ben Nevis and the Sahara Desert Trek being the easiest. Trek details include: Ben Nevis, Kilimanjaro, Motorcycling around India, Sahara Desert Trek, Morocco, London to Paris Bike Ride & more.

Can you get a small group of friends together to do an event? The website http://www.globaladventurechallenges.com answers questions that you may have. A fundraising pack is available from us.

Neelam Mankoo of Maidenhead, Berkshire, did the Sahara Desert Trek for us in February 2012 and raised over £2300.

‘The trek was amazing. Tough but absolutely incredible. It has been a long year of fundraising and training, but it was well worth it’


Fundraising Ideas

There are lots of easy and fun ways to raise funds; here are just a few:

  1. For adults – buy some cloakroom tickets and a cheap bottle of champagne (often £10 from supermarkets). Have a raffle on a Friday at work (with some cakes perhaps?), deduct the cost of champagne and tickets and you may find that you have raised £30 – £40 pounds quite painlessly!
  2. If you have a local curry house or other favourite restaurant, speak to them about doing a set menu (normally £7 or £8 on a quiet night) and sell tickets to friends and colleagues for a bit more (say £12.50?). If you add in a raffle, we have found that we can easily make £300 plus if we get approx. 30 people along. Everyone always has a good time too.
  3. Can you speak to local companies/your workplace about donating a raffle prize and hold a raffle at work?
  4. Can you hold a stall or event at a local fair/car boot sale? We can often help with goods to sell.
  5. Are you involved in holding a school disco? You could sell glowsticks and glow jewellery to fund the cost of a therapy session for children in hospital. Glow jewellery is cheap to buy but sells well at events.
  6. Hold a fundraising dinner party or barbecue at home. Keep it simple. People are normally happy to pay £8 or so for a bowl of chilli and a social occasion. If you also hold a small raffle as well, you may find that you have raised in the region of £100 with 10/12 friends and had a great time too. Again we may be able to assist with some raffle prizes if you contact us beforehand.
  7. Could you hold a themed event of some kind in aid of the charity? – a music event, pamper night, a wine-tasting evening, a golf tournament, country walk, football match, quiz night?
  8. Popcorn Sales – Sell bags of popcorn during events. You can charge £1 a bag; with a 70p microwave bag you should get £4 worth of popcorn.
  9. Jumble Sale! These are back in fashion…making an average of £300 per session. They are normally over very quick (1.5 hours), will require lots of helpers – and publicity in press, local churches, groups etc is essential.
  10. Parents Night Out: Offer to sit a small group of children for a parents’ night out. Serve dinner, movies and have simple craft items for children to take home. Charge parents for sitting the kids, perhaps £10 per child?


Email us at office@rosiesrainbowfund.co.uk for information and details to support your event.